13 July 2012

Sharp, Sophisticated and Square.

Ralph Lauren 

I love the clean, sharp geometry of these square on square chairs. They all shown here upholstered in a fabric or leather that are so neutral, they can work well with almost any color palette. 


I like the modern dynamic of these chairs. They are simple, sophisticated and comfortable. I would like to see them grouped together side-by-side in a like pair. Alternatively, one of these distinct chairs would be a handsome addition to an eclectic furniture grouping.

Bungalow 5

 To really play up the geometry of these pieces, I would set them along with a round end or coffee table. To create a strong modern design statement, I would be inclined to continue designing with unique furnishings with clean, straight lines. I would keep things neutral in color and add appropriate amounts of texture for interest

Room & Board