30 July 2012


Bicycle Brake? Light Switch?


Christian Vivanco is a concept-driven creative studio. On the home page of their website is the "mantra" of the studio. It states, "objects that create sparks within the soul of those who create them. observe them. use them". 

This concept is clearly the driving force behind the creation of this floor lamp, It is appropriately named, "Rem", which means 'brake' in Dutch. The lamp is somewhat of a study in the proper balance and intermingling of functionality. Both the handles on a bicycle and the switch on a lamp perform very distinct functions. The inspiration for creating this lamp is explained on the Christian Vivanco website. "The clear inspiration based on components used in bicycles was not the starting point for the development of the product; the real beginning  emerged trying to find a pretext for the binding (connection) of two functional items that never faced each other before, Two systems that work without any problems in 
their environment and were able to carry a fluid conversation within this new space."

This fun, whimsical and very unique lamp will certainly perform the basic function of providing light in a room. What it will also do is cause the user to have an emotional response or reaction. How would you feel running into a floor lamp that has functional details that are completely unexpected, yet very familiar? In order to create a floor lamp such as this, it requires one to think "outside the box". This is a thought process that I am very fond of.