03 March 2012

Everyone is watching you!

Wallpaper detail, (above)

Just the other day I was explaining to a client how I like to install wallpaper in a powder room. BOLD wallpaper. FUN wallpaper. UNIQUE wallpaper. The reason being that the powder room is typically a small, special gem of a room that is off, out of the way from the main rooms in a house and it does not necessarily have to match the decor of the surrounding spaces. When you escape to the powder room make arrive in the room a surprise, a shock or a non-stop laughing storm, Trove is a company that creates wallpaper that all carry out my message. Shown here is their "Fuoco" wallpaper. Use of this wall covering may sing to the visitor it's own song It may carry it's own tune or deliver some kind of message or be just be plain quirky. Bright colored wallpaper, a delicious floral, hot pink and black stripes with white bathroom accessories amidst adjoining rooms that are all painted in a neutral color palette is a swift departure from the rest of a home. This wallpaper is printed withe balconies towering in a theater. Hundreds of people are watching your "performance". A quick touch up of lipstick might gain a standing ovation. If you tend to be a bit "pee shy" in public, this wallpaper may keep you center row orchestra watching the complete production of the "Mahabharata" on their smart phone. So...Be bold. Be unique. Be fun. Make others happy. This is one of the benchmarks of tasteful and outstanding interior design. Guests who exclaim that there is a flock of crows flying through your bathroom have received a message of your design individuality and good sense!

Wallpaper panel from "Trove"