26 March 2012


I never thought I would be writing about Decoupage. When the word came into my head I immediately thought of some high school arts and crafts project. However, I was quite wrong. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Vicki Fischetti's website. According to the site, Vicki "is an accomplished graphic designer, collagist and decoupagist whose eclectic work brings together design, color and form in a refreshingly different way."

I have now learned what decoupage is. It is not just a simple arts and crafts project. According to Vicki Fischetti's website, "Decoupage is the art of adorning surfaces with collage to form a complete design. A high quality glass piece is used to which intricate collages and paper designs are glued. The design is completed with a background paper or gold leaf/paint that fills in the areas not covered by images. For protection at least 10 coats of varnish follow." Each piece of Vicki's work is signed and is a completely unique work of art. I have posted three of my favorite images from one of her collections. The colors are beautiful. A plate or tray would instantly perk up any room it was lucky enough to call home.