15 July 2009

Organic Baroque Chair.

This memorable chair from the 20th-century has been reproduced by Baker Furniture. According to Baker, Tony Duquette first conceived the Organic Baroque Chair while serving in the Army during World War II. Duquette finally realized the design in the 1960s, creating the entire piece from wrought iron. Baker recreates the steel frame by first heating the steel strands and forming it into its sensuous, organic form. The chair's frame opens up with back and arms curved out, randomly joined by connecting steel members. The seat is constructed in a sunburst pattern - forming a natural seat - and is supported by curved legs joined by steel cross members before terminating into a straight steel feet. The chair is appointed with a single seat cushion and is offered in Verdigris Paint or Pearl Paint. Circa 1965. The chair will run around $10,900.00.