05 June 2009

Thomas Long Glass

Thomas Long creates beautiful, dynamic and colorful blown glass wall sculptures that are an expression of fluidity and spontaneity that no other medium can match. According to his website, "His forms explore the range of organic shapes that are found in nature, which imply the containment of living structures. When light passes through the patterns he creates, the reflections mimic those you would find as light passes through water, and they seem to capture the essence of liquid dynamics. His compositions create vignettes of motion and color; abstractions of nature that bring vibrancy to architectural settings. Once installed, these pieces look as if they “grew” into their setting, enhancing the flow of the space and the colors in the surrounding area. Every custom installation is designed on-site, specifically tailored to bring out the inherent energy of the space...this is art for the soul." I would love to see one of his Most Excellent wall sculptures in a minimally furnished monochromatic room. The colors would powerfully pop off the wall!