20 November 2008

John Houshmand Furniture.

Chaise Lounge. Bronze with Pine Beam.

John Houshmand Furniture has a simple but profound philosophy: To show what wood really looks like. According to the company website, "Trees are guardians of everything sacrosanct. They hold secrets of the past and relinquish everything necessary to sustain the future. They bare their souls providing us with the air we breathe, the shelter in which we live, and the food that nourishes our very beings. Growing vertically and recording history in radial timeline, trees are evolutionary storytellers and timeless teachers. We do not live in straight lines. We live in ever expanding spheres. We allow trees to do the talking. We simply listen." In this age of uniform mass production, John Houshmand creates individual pieces of furniture that are timeless works of art. Incorporating organic and inorganic elements, these breathtaking, Most Excellent pieces stand as select jewels in the interior design of any space.