12 November 2008

Alejandra Laviada.

Formation of a Thought, 2008

"My work exists at the intersection of photography and sculpture, but in essence I consider myself a photographer," says Alejandra Laviada. Working in dilapidated buildings in the historic center of her native Mexico City, Laviada, 28, gathers objects found on site-old wheels, brooms, broken chairs, decaying signage-and assembles them into witty, Most Excellent minimalist sculptures. She then documents them with her camera.

The results are like poetic markers of a vanishing place and time. "I am interested in objects that reveal the histories of the site," she says. "I see them as a living archive of these spaces before they're gone completely."

Laviada, whose images have already appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Vogue, and other publications, graduated from New York's School of Visual Arts last year. Her first New York show, at Danzinger Projects just closed late last week. Prices for her photos-33" x 40", in editions of five-start at $3,500.00

Alejandra Laviada