02 November 2012

Surrealistic Gas Fireplace Logs.

When I first saw this modernist fireplace I was immediately drawn to something very unique about it. The surrealistic gas fireplace logs are made of slip-cast porcelain and are in the shape of furniture legs. Materious, is the Chicago-based studio responsible for this project. Their practice includes product licensing and commissions for companies like Ligne Roset, Moet-Hennessy, The Art Institute of Chicago, Crate&Barrel, and Kikkerland. According to Materious, "these porcelain, gas-fireplace “logs” offer a torrid farewell to our stylistic past: “Goodbye, Queen Anne.” “So long, Mister Chippendale.” “Farewell, William, and to you, Mary.” (And this project may also symbolize our current historic period—one of global financial crisis, where furniture is burned not for the crime of ornament, but out of economic exigency.)"