16 October 2012

t h o r.

I am very fond of this sliding door cabinet from Oly Studio. "Thor", as it is called, is made from a combination of materials. They include hand carved hardwood, resin doors and a steel base. The wood is available in two different finishes and the doors may be done in a silver or gold resin. The metal base is also customizable. Finishes include bronze, silver and gold. This is a very simple, contemporary piece. It has clean lines and is quite handsome. Inside the cabinet are sturdy shelves that provide great storage. The thing I find most appealing about this cabinet are the resin doors. The use of that material with the hardwood creates a cabinet that is rich and full of texture. It adds a very nice dimension to the piece. Because this is such a versatile piece of furniture, it may be used in many different rooms throughout the house.