15 August 2012

A Quick Snap of Color.

Placing new accessories in a room is the fastest and easiest way to give a space a "cosmetic makeover". New pillows on the sofa, a change of the color of a lamp shade or the addition of a new piece of art can all aid in an interior design face lift. 

Recently, I saw this vase in a friend's home. It was simply placed all by itself on a coffee table in the center of the room. While the interesting piece did transform the design of the room, it did add a nice "pop" of color and interest. I was first attracted to the colors of this earthenware vase. The shape and texture of the piece soon followed in capturing my attention. My friend informed me that she purchased the vase for under $50.00 at CB2. The "Cascais" vase is 12.75" high and about 12" wide and may be purchased online or in CB2 stores. This is a vase that is accessible to many and has a price tag will not break the bank.  When placed it a room, it will add a quick, easy snap of color, texture and interest. It certainly caught my attention.