20 February 2012

Heat Sensitive Tiles.

A shower that has been outfitted with beautiful glass tiles, mosaic tiles or even ceramic tiles in a most thoughtful way can look just beautiful when correctly placed. However, a shower that has been designed with an installation of touch and heat sensitive tiles from Moving Color add another dimension that most ordinary tiles cannot. The Northern Lights collection, shown here, is inspired by the stunning Northern Lights of Alaska. The 4" x 4" glass tiles that appear black at room temperature will gracefully move through the color spectrum when temperature, (warm water, radiant heat, etc.) is applied. This an unusual design element and certainly one that is fun and unexpected. I love the somber neutrality of the black glass as it is exposed to warmth and then variation of color starts to emerge. The warmer the temperature the more intense the color definition.

As heat is applied to the black glass tiles colors begin to gracefully emerge. The tiles, which are sensitive to temperature and touch, in some cases, are dynamic and distinct.