01 December 2010

Making an Entrance.

I believe that even the actual entrance to a room should be beautiful. Lualdi, is know for creating sharp, attractive and sophisticated doors. Recently, they unveiled a collection of doors by renowned American Architects and Designers. The door pictured here is by David Rockwell. According to Lualdi, "David Rockwell uses sumptuous materials to form a door that is both highly crafted and entirely modern. Made of a rich walnut, either dark or bleached, with a brushed antique bronze frame, the significant feature of the door is the handle, a vertical bar wrapped in leather, which runs its entire length. Inspired by Rockwell’s design for the hand-carved entrance doors to the Chambers Hotel, the handle introduces guests to the sensory, tactile experience of the space. One version of the door features a thin metal frame along the edge that can be specified in a variety of metals to complement the veneer choice. A second version makes a bolder statement with a vibrant pop of color applied to a horizontal strip that divides the door in half."