05 August 2010

Mixed Fruit and Vegetables.

No. They are not real. But, they are certainly very realistic! The porcelain fruit and vegetable collection by Penkridge Ceramics for Sweet Bella, is probably the most lovely interpretation of actual fruits and vegetables that I have come across. According to Sweet Bella, these works of art are "influenced by tromp-l’oeil and early still life paintings, this collection of ‘super real’ porcelain fruit and vegetables has been produced since 1984 by Penkridge Ceramics, a small workshop close to Birmingham, England. Each piece is made with phenomenal attention to detail from hand-carved cane stems to the individually applied porcelain spikes on the horse chestnuts. The leaves are created in pewter by sculptor Alan Ballantyne. The finish of the monochrome metallics is made from real gold and silver. A sprinkling of these pieces would look just stunning in the kitchen or dining room.