27 July 2010

Paul Smith for Maharam

Designer Paul Smith brings his signature style to a line of textiles for Maharam. The collection, which primarily consists of vibrant stripes are bold, exciting and wonderful. The fabrics are mainly used in seating and upholstery applications.

According to Maharam, "Having provided textiles for use in the Paul Smith collection, Maharam invited Paul Smith to focus his wit on the world of seating textiles. Developed in collaboration with the Maharam Design Studio, Bespoke Stripe by Paul Smith is an upholstery textile inspired by Smith's light-hearted take on traditional British tailoring.

Bespoke Stripe by Paul Smith builds on the designer's tradition of textile innovation with a collection of classic menswear fabrics designed for seating application, and features vibrant multi-colored stripes embedded in a quintessential menswear pinstripe. The seemingly random occurrence of stripes across the full width of Bespoke Stripe offers designers, in the bespoke tradition, the opportunity to customize how fabric meets furniture.

In 2006 Maharam introduced Stripes, a new collection of textiles developed in collaboration with Paul Smith. Composed as a series, Stripes by Paul Smith are a study in variegation. Staccato repetitions, tonal modulations and punctuated sequences demonstrate Smith's playful use of color and proportion. Engineered to appear arbitrary, each variation in frequency, color, saturation, and density yields an entirely unique sensibility.

Maharam's latest project with Smith returns to the theme of men's haberdashery. Entitled Herringbone Stripe by Paul Smith, this new textile juxtaposes a toothy, densely constructed fine herringbone with contrasting bands of lustrous sateen. Vividly colored continuous and intermittent stripes are positioned at random intervals, creating a formal yet playful effect."