16 October 2009


‘Flames’ is a series of light sources based on a gaslight system. These cylinder-shaped elements are available in a variety of four different patterns, each with its own distinct play of shadow and light. These light elements will add atmosphere and warmth to any garden or terrace. According to the JSPR website, JSPR is an interior design brand that is always creating remarkable new collec tions and unique interiors. Their passion is to create designs that both stand for high quality products and for innovation and creativity realized through professional craftsmanship. Among JSPR’s clients are hotels, restaurants, shops, architects, and individual consumers. I like this lighting detail quite a bit and would love to see them strategically placed around an outdoor swimming pool. On a cold, dreary and rainy day like today in Washington, DC, it is difficult for me not to think of warmer summer nights with beautiful outdoor lighting features.